Tips For Business In Asia

These are tips on Asian culture for successful business in Asia. Today in the 21st century, Asia finds itself in the midst of social, economic, and social transition. The pursuit of profit is no longer counter-revolutionary, and business people have long since ceased being viewed as enemies of the people.

So, in the new Asia, what business rules apply? The answer is to fall back on traditional cultural drivers, and that means a return to religious values. This does imply that modern business approaches are ignored, rather, they are given a cultural twist.

Personal relationships are of vital importance when doing business in Asia. Do not underestimate the relationship building process. People are comfortable with building relationships with honorable people. People show respect to those to whom respect isd due.

As all relationships are unequal, it is important to appear honorable to show respect to age, seniority, and educational background. Managers tend to be directive, which reflects basic Asian religious concepts of the hierarchical nature of society.

In return for loyalty, the boss is expected to show consideration and interest in all the aspects of subordinate’s life. There are often close relationships between senior management of the company and local party officials.

It is important that you do not make people lose face in front of their own group. Always respect seniority, and not openly disagree with those more senior than you. Do as many favors to people as possible. Debts must always be repaid.

Business cards must always be exchanged in the beginning of meetings. Treat it with great respect, as the card is the man.

Meetings are often long and seemingly without clear objectives. Very often it’s an exercise of relationship-building. The aim is to move the relationship than the specific business task.