Proper Business Behavior In India and Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and India are tricky places to start up a business, however, if you ever decide to set up shop there, here are some tips on how to conduct business behavior there. Let’s start with India. India’s business culture is heavily influenced by its complex social hierarchy and Western corporate culture. When it comes … [Read more…]

Business Etiquette In Asia For Beginners

Let’s start with Japan. The Japanese have a very rigid, formal business etiquette. Exchanging business cards or meishi is one of the most important parts of an initial business meeting. When exchanging cards, you should bow slightly and offer your business card with both hands to your Japanese associates in order of seniority. Accept cards … [Read more…]

What Trends Should You Align Your Business

Running a business nowadays have additional considerations because of changing environments and to expand coverage of business markets. Businesses that are already existing should adjust and learn how to re align their business to the current trends so that it can successfully tap the market it needed and want to try. At this present time, … [Read more…]

Business Trends for Small Scale Enterprises

Trends are used as guidelines not just on business but to everything. When there is a trendy restaurant many suddenly go there. If there is a trendy bag or clothes, people flock to it. Trend drives people’s purchasing power into action and it can be by impulse. When the time comes for them to reflect … [Read more…]

Asian Consumer Top Trends of 2016

Asian has their own characteristics and personalities that make them a different market. Their needs and wants still varies and international products still gain trusts and confidence to consumers while being loyal to Asian manufactured products.  Although consumers have more knowledge and intelligence on manufacturing, importation and exportation of products, labelling, brands and the like … [Read more…]

Global Skills and Leadership Education

Now education is not limited but it offers many challenging aspects that are waiting to be taken and explored. For some time people focus education in specific areas and in their own countries but many have discovered that the best way to learn is to experience and learn knowledge first hand where it came from … [Read more…]

Mobile Payment Innovation Trends in Asia

Mobile are now dominant product in the market maybe next to food and clothing. When the market boomed it sparked sudden and amazing innovations, development, and research that we can now enjoy. Companies are continually developing products to better give each persons close to personalized own gadget. With its unique features, design, class, style, standard … [Read more…]

Challenges in Doing Business in Asia

Everywhere is full of challenges. In relationship, business, community you belong to, at work and at home. Every people has their own ways of coping with these challenges. They have discovered on their own how to deal with it either on their own or with the help of someone else. How about the challenges in … [Read more…]

Trendy Business in Asia

There are businesses that covers global market but there are also businesses that are only applicable to certain areas. In some they just vary in some parts but same style or approach. Today’s time is a very competitive market. One kind of business can produce many brands and they market it on their own way. … [Read more…]