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Just beyond the booming skyline of China’s mega-cities, a less talked about neighbor is on the rise: Southeast Asia.

It’s diverse, fast-moving, and business focused. With average annual growth of over 5 percent, a prospering middle class, and a thriving economy.

From ports to airports, roads to railways, waterways and digital superhighways, this site will help you get there.

Since 1967, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has continued to grow. The result has been accelerating development, political stability, and rising prosperity. A skilled workforce and youthful population provide a strong foundation for future growth. On top of this, the ASEAN economic community means that these countries will be working even more closely together in the future.

It’s time to get on board. There’s a wealth of opportunities across a range of sectors, and British and American businesses are already thriving in Southeast Asia.

From small to medium-sized enterprises, and big household names, it’s a massive export market for the US and the UK. Exports to Southeast Asia are already three times the exports to Brazil, and twice the exports to India.

9 out of 10 countries are world trade organization members. It’s easy to get around the region. We are your trade and investment partner. We can give you tips on the potential market for your product and service.